At our Mississauga print shop, we specialize in screen printing. Our screen printing company has been screen printing t-shirts since 2013. Screen printing, also known as silk screening or serigraphy, is the most popular method for customizing apparel as the ink is pressed directly onto the garment for long-lasting wear. Screen printing was first coined during China’s Song Dynasty between 960 and 1279 AD. Can you believe it has been around for that long?! Since then, it has been commercialized to provide a service for artists, businesses and end-users to produce tangible silkscreen art.

Our company specializes in screen printing in Mississauga – Toronto.

We are here to help people express themselves and build their brands with custom apparel and promotional products. Most of our prints are achieved using plastisol inks. It is thick, durable, versatile, and provides precise graphic detail. Because of its thickness and a petroleum base, it doesn’t dry on the screen very quickly, allowing us to better manipulate the ink to your apparel for the best quality print possible. In addition, we use Pantone colours for screen printing to accurately match your logo.

Alternatively, we also offer other types of inks upon requests, such as water-based ink, acrylic ink, and specialty metallic inks.

Water-based inks are environmentally friendly and can be used on several different products such as napkins, paper cups, and shipping boxes. We can print on apparel using water-based inks, but we wouldn’t recommend it as the print would fade after a few washes.

We mainly use acrylic ink for our promotional products using a technique called pad printing. Check out our pad printing services for more details. Promotional products include pens, mugs, tumblers, USBs, phone cases, Christmas ornaments, sunglasses etc.

Metallic Inks.

Metallic inks are plastisol-based but require their own category because it is considered specialty ink. It is formulated to be incredibly opaque, which produces a chrome-like effect to really make your design pop.

We can silkscreen using two different techniques: simulated process or CMYK. Simulated processes allow us to print colours on dark garments using a white base underneath to ensure vibrantly and match colours. CMYK  is a 4 colour process using cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink.  This 4 colour process is used to print on light-coloured garments to ensure the best quality print. Designing a file for CMYK printing ensures that the colours will match your monitor for colour accuracy.

Our state-of-the-art screen printing presses and automatic screen printing machines are designed to print orders from a minimum of 12 pieces to hundreds of thousands (the sky is the limit). Contact us for wholesale screen printing or contract screen printing.

Silk screening is best known for printing on T-shirts. We offer t-shirt screen printing for screen printing 2 colours, screen printing 3 colours, screen printing 3d effect, and wholesale screen printing.

We pride ourselves on producing quality printing, creative printing, like-family customer service, and fast turnarounds. So don’t hesitate to reach out or schedule a visit with us at our Mississauga warehouse.