Our Pad printing service in Mississauga

Pad printing is a new technique we adopted a few years ago in Mississauga to expand our service line to our clients. And BOY are we sure glad we did! We love learning new techniques and this is no exception. Getting our hands on a new machine is ALWAYS exciting. And we are happy to announce that we can now offer more promotional products to YOU! Pad printing can successfully decorate three-dimensional products using a metal plate, silicone pad and acrylic inks. When we receive your artwork, the first step of the production process is to engrave your logo into a small metal plate. Once this is completed, the ink is mixed and the hydraulic process can begin. The products are printed by a silicone pad that wraps around and adapts to the shape of the product seamlessly and in one quick motion to transfer the image to the product without distorting the image.

What is the difference between pad printing and cricut ?

Pad printing vs. Cricut? Well there are many differences but the most obvious is the longevity. Pad printing directly prints on the product using acrylic ink allowing for a permanent solution. Cricut is a vinyl cut out sticker that can peel off with continuous amounts of handling and washing.

So why use acrylic inks for a pad printing machine?

Initial mixing of inks and solvents is a critical part of the printing process. Acrylic ink requires a catalyst/hardener and thinner. The acrylic ink is mixed with a hardener to allow the ink to dry on the product for the best quality permanent print and the thinner allows the ink to have the desired consistency for print. This is a temperamental process as the products have to be printed within a 2 hour period or else the ink will dry up and harden thus a new batch of ink will then have to be mixed.

We use pad printing fixtures to hold the products in place for accurate promotional products branding. These fixtures can be purchased in a number of different sizes depending on the product that you need imprinted. For example, pad printing glass or more specifically glassware such as a mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, or shot glasses would require a larger fixture as opposed to pad printing for plastic such a pens. Pens require a much smaller pad printing fixture to produce a much smaller print also known as micro printing.

Our pad printing machine is only capable of producing 1 colour at a time with a maximum space of 12×12 cm surface area. But if you’re looking for micro printing or branding printing then pad printing is the right fit for you!

What is a pad printing machine? Check out some of the pictures below of the behind the scenes action of
“How To” print using a pad printing machine and some of our work we have successfully produced using padprint machine and pad printing fixtures.

Let’s get started on your pad printing project today! Contact us to get your free no obligation quote or schedule a visit with us at our Mississauga warehouse.