INKspired promo offers fulfillment solutions in Mississauga

We understand the demand for wanting a tangible product in your hand as soon as possible after placing your order. Having a negative impact on your delivery experience is less than ideal and most customers suggest that if they had a negative experience they are less likely to ever order from them again. Preventing that outcome for your own ecommerce brand comes down to one thing: your order fulfillment strategy. Order fulfillment covers the complete process from when a sale takes place all the way through delivery to your customer. The successful order fulfillment process is described as receiving, processing, packing, picking, and shipping an online order to customers. Our order fulfillment program will allow us to receive, produce and deliver quality products to your customer’s door by cutting out the middleman. We know that many of our clients are juggling multiple tasks at a time, whether that be work, school, or kids. If you are an over-achiever and wish for us to produce the prints but you fulfill (fold, bag, pack) and ship to your clients yourself then we salute you and give you a massive high five! But we realize that many of our clients do not always have that kind of time on their hands. Our order fulfillment program allows us to ease some of your stress and keep your orders organized from the start.
At INKspired Promo, our reliable team will handle your order with care. We will collect, manage and track your orders. Produce, fold, bag and itemize by size (if necessary) so they are ship ready.

Step 1: Choose your products for printing

Let’s nail down the details! Choose from our array of appeal options such as t-shirts, sweaters and polos or promotional products of your choice. Digital proofs will be available for you to view and approve when we receive your artwork. If you are interested in starting a brand, we can offer a one on one meeting with our graphic designer to create your logo design.

Step 2: Collect Orders

You can take advantage of our webstores and we can receive all your ecommerce orders instantaneously or you can provide us with a detailed list of orders from your own exclusive website.

Step 3: Manage/Track Orders

We will itemize the products by design, colour and size so they are ready for production.

Step 4: Production

Let the printing begin!

Step 5: Fold, Bag & Itemize

Our detail-oriented team will fold each item with care, bag accordingly, and itemize each product by size (if required). For more information, check out our individual packaging page.

Step 6: Choose your Shipper/Mailer

Powerful and unique packaging can convey a strong message for your brand. Choose the right packaging for your brand. Check out our branded packaging to elevate your branding.

Step 7: Delivered!

At their doorstep and into their hands. Take advantage of our exclusive business shipping rates. Our team’s experience and reputation team make us the go-to printing service and order fulfillment for businesses in the GTA. We pay great attention to detail to ensure error-free prints of your project.